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When it comes to your car keys, we know how hard it is to keep track of with so many other things that we have on our mind daily. Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if we all had those keypad locks installed on our vehicles? We could simply type in a code of our choice and be on our way. Well unfortunately, we can’t always get what we want. Some people opt to get an extra car key made as a spare just in case they lose the original, which is a very smart thing to do and can save you time and money later down the line. Some need a new car key made altogether because their keys are old and faulty and the grooves in the key are no longer sharp and as precise as they use to be.

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Faulty and old keys can do two things. First of all, keys that are old and worn out can damage the locks on the doors, causing you more money to replace.

No matter what kind of material your key is made out of, it can still break and become old and rusty. In some cases, keys break off in the door lock, with one piece in your hand and the other still embedded in the door lock.
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